The Manchester Road Site in Auburn
will deliver over $65 million in
environmental and community benefits

Auburn - Enjoy 30,000M² of parks, open spaces and a vibrant Duck River renewal.

A transformation the community of Auburn will love.

A unique and exciting vision for Auburn will see the transformation of a redundant 14-hectare
industrial site revived into a vibrant precinct with over $65 million in environmental and
community benefits.

Landscaped River Park

Manchester Road will be a lively
community village for all to enjoy.
Manchester Road Auburn childcare centre

Childcare Centre

Quality daycare for Auburn families with
a new childcare centre.
Manchester Road Auburn Duck River renewal


The Renewal of Duck River will bring
this precinct to life.
Manchester Road Auburn new employment hub

Employment Hub

The project will deliver up to 1000 new
permanent jobs.
Manchester Road Auburn retail precinct

Speciality Shops

A lively retail and community village
including cafe and convenience
Manchester Road Auburn parkland and community facilities


An enormous 10,000M² of parkland and
pockets of green, open spaces

An amazing transformation

With over 30,000 square metres of parkland, beautiful green open spaces and millions
invested into the renewal of Duck River, you’ll agree, Manchester Road is an amazing
transformation the community of Auburn will love.

New parks and open spaces for Auburn
New parks and open spaces for Auburn.

Manchester Road will be a creative, innovative and connected place to live, work and recreate.

A variety of recreational facilities for public use.

Creative. Innovative. Connected.

The transformation will include a 40,000 square metre employment hub and
boost employment opportunities to up to 1000 permanent full-time jobs.

In addition to 1.2 kilometres of upgrades from Mona Street to the Rail Line, significant
improvements to Manchester Road will mean no more trucks and heavy vehicles.  A free
shuttle bus will help the community commute between the town centre and train station.

Lively retail and community village.

Manchester Road, Auburn will provide 

new jobs, homes, parks and open spaces.

A new childcare centre, community facility and 1,800 new terrace houses, apartments and
affordable housing will compliment this unique vision delivering over $65 million in
environmental and community benefits.

The precinct will not only benefit the community now but for generations to come. If you’d
like to see a significant improvement to the existing industrial yard in Auburn, the regeneration
of Duck River and provision of over 30,000 square metres of parkland and
beautiful green open spaces, then get behind this incredible project in our own backyard.

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Manchester Road, Auburn
A vibrant transformation.